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Our Vision

To deliver accessible, affordable and meaningful community-based mental health services to those in need throughout East Kent.

Our Mission

To provide support and empower anyone experiencing mental health struggles by offering community-based support groups and other services that will enable members to deal with everyday problems. 

Our Goals

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Promote equality whilst understanding difference

to ensure all have a fair opportunity and do not endure discrimination.

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Support personal agency

    and informed choices











so that service users are empowered to help themselves and be the core of their own recovery.

Happy Team Posing
Partner and support other community-based charities, companies and projects

who have a similar ethos as collaborative working streamlines and offers those in need greater access and more options.
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To deliver excellence

in the quality of services administered and promote a culture of continual improvement.

“I believe in the importance of bringing the quality of private healthcare and making it accessible to everyone.”

Sherrill Searle
Founder & CEO
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