We at SOLVE wish to offer our members a holistic approach to mental health.Initially this will take the form our our Members Support Group/s of no more than sixteen people in each session with four facilitators, who have undertaken mental health awareness training and with one of them having full training in First Aid.

Access to the Members Support Group is for members only – please go to our Membership Page for further details.


Our Aspirational Services will come on line, just as soon as we have enough funding to start.

Mental Health Support Group

What is it for?

A SOLVE Charity Mental Health Support Group has been set up to help you meet other people who have similar problems and feel safe. It is where you can find help with any day to day problems including filling in forms, Universal Credit and other benefits, housing situations and if SOLVE doesn't know the answer, we know who to contact.  There will be other activities plus lots more. It will meet locally on a fortnightly basis. 


Why do we need it?


To offer space, support and safety to mental health sufferers to combat isolation and loneliness and also educate and inspire them to become self sufficient.


What does this include?


Discussions, activities, psycho-educational material, speakers, user led content + an on-line package to help support you.

Aspirational Services

SOLVE Charity has a number of services which will be made available once adequate funding has been secured:

Access to talk therapy

A mental health crisis support line

A place of safety for people in crisis to stay

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